2nd Week Into Black History Month And I’m Already Tired

This month has certainly…been something. The shortest month in the year and the Blackest…has not been fun. Now, before I go on , I want to be very clear about the point of these articles. I’m not speaking to, nor am I writing any of this for Black folks.

See, we have enough on our plates with our respective lives and so forth. No, this article and others are for certain demographics to understand that they can do better. Because these issues aren’t new and are not the fault of us blessed by melanin.

February 6: Cindy McCain Thought She Saw Human Trafficking

So for context, Cindy McCain saw what she thought may have been a case of human trafficking. What “tipped her off “was that the parent and child looked as if they were of different ethnicities from each other.

So in her grand wisdom, she asked the authorities to check on the child. Turns out nothing was wrong. Again, she made a judgement that something was possibly wrong based off the color of their skin and etc. Hmm, there’s a definition for this line of thinking.

What’s even more ridiculous is shes’ a mother of children of differing ethnicities herself. I suppose in her eyes it’s not a problem when the mom is white? Again what the word for this?

February 11: Katy Perry’s Black Face Shoes…

I…how many times have we had Blackface this month? Any who a reminder about racism. Racism isn’t only violent or oppressive. It can be subtle or in the case of these ugly shoes just there.

Her fans argue that she’s not racist. I’m not saying she is. Did she design these shoes? Did she just sign off on them? They didn’t magically end up in stores before backlash came. So whom thought these Blackface (& racist)shoes were a good idea? I just want to know Katy…

February 12: Teacher Tells Class Martin Luther King Jr. Committed Suicide

A substitute teacher got in trouble after telling a class that Martin Luther King Jr. killed himself. She (yes, she) expressed to the young minds that his assassination was a lie. It doesn’t stop there, she also proceeded to speak the graces of President Trump and his deeds.

Lying about history, projecting you political views, and she also told a child his attire resembled prison clothes? Yep this all screams I’m quite the racist. Hey, she also sounds like that one relative that never gets checked at family dinners. Thankfully, she resigned and can’t teach in the district.

February 12: Students Found Trading N-Word Passes At School

Staff at a Potomac Maryland high school discovered students trading passes during lunch. These passes “would allow them” to say the N-word.

Just to give you a feel as to what this school is like. As of 2010, Potomac is nearly 76% white and 4.6% Black. Ok now you’re caught up, it looks like winter wonderland out there. So why did these young white children have these passes?

Supposedly, it was a joke by the students on campus. These passes as seen above were actually printed out to look like the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka. That seems to be A LOT of effort for a joke.

The school had to issue statements and conduct meetings due to their students little racist “joke”. I’d liked to know why this was considered to be a good idea? Let’s blame it on the innocence of youth?

Actually no there’s no excuse. You know, I was a lot of things as a teen. You know what I wasn’t? A racist.

February 13: Ma Film Trailer Shows It’ll Be Problematic

So soon there will be a new horror film starring Octavia Spencer via “Ma”. Now, you maybe wondering why is this problematic. The synopsis is a group of teens(mostly white) become the targets of a middle aged woman. A woman whom is Black and appears to be the only notable Black person in the film.

You can watch the trailer but let me sum it up for you. Black woman is scary, is a threat, and a danger. Now, in 2019 why would you release a movie perpetuating this? Especially when the cast overtly white and the Black person is the threat? I feel sorry for Octavia Spencer, she deserves a better movie on her resume. This film is misogynoir and I hope it fails.

February 14: New Book Shows How Much White Women Benefited From Slavery

This isn’t so much of an outrage but more of: yeah we told ya’ll reminder. Everyone involved with slavery benefited. White women were not innocent as their families took part in the crime. Oppressors create systems that provides them power and their family.

They Were Her Property written by Stephanie E. Jones is the book in question. This details the role of white women during the slave market. Black folks have reported that everyone in power was at fault with slavery forever. However some refuse to acknowledge anything unless there’s a collection of data in front of them. It’s tiring to be reminded of this but whatever helps show history was really wrong.

I wanted to just relax this month but that wasn’t in the cards. Sigh…will we ever get a reprieve of all this…maybe when the majority takes real action.

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in. https://linktr.ee/jeffreyrousseau

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