3rd Week Into Black History Month And I’m Tired

I’ve been trying to understand what was it that sparked the abnormalities of this month? Why is this Black History Month so extra…anti-Black? I mean for the sake of time, let’s keep it short. Non Black folks are being comfortable with their prejudices. Prejudices both overt or seemingly benign to them.

However with what I’m showing you none of this is benign. I’m literally pulling select stories among many to make a point. America, you’re still pretty damn racist did you know that? It’s in your DNA, you’re comfortable with it at your kitchen table. You’re OK with it in your media. You’re fine with it running our country. You can’t even keep it in check in the public.

February 18: Sixth Grader Arrested for Refusing to say Pledge of Allegiance

A substitute teacher was very bothered by a student whom refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance. In case you didn’t know the Pledge of Allegiance is actually quite racist. So Black and other folks aren’t exactly keen on saying it nor respecting it. The young Black student quoted this as a reason for not speaking it.

The teacher then proceeded to question him and ask why doesn't he live somewhere else instead of America? Keep in mind, none of this is relevant. Do you know how many times I didn’t feel like doing the pledge in school? I didn’t even know it was racist then. After some back and forth she had enough, then called the school administration. This then lead to him being arrested. Important: The pledge at this school is voluntary, this child was singled out, and this teacher might be racist.

February 19: Burberry Gets in Trouble for Hoodie With a Noose

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High fashion is so affluent, so removed from reality, and so…melanin deficient. What other excuses can you give for an industry that has repeatedly dropped the ball in a month? Not just dropped the ball but has specifically displayed clothing that harkens back to very racist imagery?

The above is a hoodie with a noose. Someone (clearly not Black) thought this was a great piece of clothing. Someone thought this was worthy of being created. People felt this was worthy of the catwalk. No one however didn’t take heed that this invokes images of folks hanging and being hanged.

You know what they used to do to Black folks not too long ago. Not to mention this also raised concerns about suicide. Much like it’s high fashion peers they had to cover their asses and clean up being racist. Issue a statement, say sorry, remove the item, promise to do better in the future. Folks are of the opinion fashion labels are doing this to generate attention. I wouldn’t rule it out. But you know what else I wouldn’t rule out? People being so systemically racist the above doesn’t look wrong until Black folks say it is.

February 20: Yoga In The Hood

Hmm where do I start? So people love to commodify what’s Black; our lives and culture. They love doing this without paying anyone and to take advantage of a unique experience.

Well that’s all insulting to say the least. Now, for the above I want to point out somethings. This is targeted to mainly white folks, no really visit their website. As per 2010, the area is nearly 90% white in populace. That area of Idaho is not the “hood”. They are looking to cash in on Blackness’ cool with that “hood” moniker. Why couldn’t they simply use the word urban instead? Why hood?

Ok maybe I’m wrong and exaggerating. If that’s the case then why are they dressed like a hiphop music video rejects in their promo pics then? They’ve been in business for years…

It’s like this month made me perpetually tired. Almost existentially tired. What else do you call it when it seems like everything is constant cascade of utter trash involving your existence?

I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in. https://linktr.ee/jeffreyrousseau

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