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What does it mean to be “good”?
Is this defined by us or by what society deems fit?
I ask myself Am I one of the good ones? Am I there now? Are you one of the good ones?

So ask yourself: Am I one of the good ones…

If I’ll never have to courage to protest for Black people?
If I’m “friends” with marginalized people but never invite them for dinner?
If my social circles all look the same?
If I insult someone else’s language?
If the only beauty I acknowledge is Eurocentric?

If I can’t name one author whom is Black or Brown?
If I say I don’t talk about politics?
If I never talk about societal issues with my friends?
If I only speak about being positive even when I’m not?
If I never read about the news?

If I refuse to hide from the truth even if it’s painful?
If I mock someone for being queer?
If I reject a human being because “it’s not in the bible”?
If look at the poor to be lower than human?
If my tv shows, books, music, and etc are my religion?

Source: Trevor Morgan

If I threaten people who criticize what I like?
If have no platonic relationships with women?
If ignore the privileges my skin has awarded me?
If I never uplift the voices of the disadvantaged?

If I never challenge my bigoted family members?
If claim peace and love when the world doesn’t believe that?
If I harassed a woman within ten seconds of meeting her?
If I care to be the only me in the room?

If I misgender you?
If I dismiss your pain?
If I don’t believe abusers?
If I believe we’re all truly equal?

If I never speak up?
If I stay silent with the evils of the world?
If I use my privilege to deny the real world?
If I use my tears to harm Black and Brown bodies?

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If I forgive my family for mentally harming me?
If I claim I can’t solve society’s problems?
If I don’t have relationships with marginalized people?
If I never address my partner’s bigotry?

If I forgive everyone whom has harmed me?
If I’m merely a performative ally?
If I never recognize women?
If I only uplift the voices of men?
If I never teach myself about my nation’s lies?

If I believe being queer is “wrong”?
If I disregards the feelings of millions?
If I believe I can’t be an oppressor despite being oppressed?
If I see children in cages as merely “politics”?

If I believe society benefits from the existence of the rich?
If I think redlining is a fairy tale?
If I see the institution of thee police as completely just?
If I feel criticism is akin to a physical attack?

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Source: We Florida

If I see nothing wrong with online harassment?
If I feel I have to prove I’m not racist when the subject comes up?
If I have to defend that not all men are trash?
If I believe service workers are below me?

If I tie my identity to the media I consume?
If I view different things as a threat to my livelihood?
If I believe I’m free of doing no wrong doings?
If I only support people whom are as privileged as I am?

If I forget what life is like due to my massive wealth and connections?
If my notoriety came from mocking the lives of the marginalized?
If I feel sex workers are not human too?
If I’m fine with laws that rob people of their rights?

If I see nothing wrong with gentrifying Black and Brown neighborhoods?
If I support hateful politicians?
If I believe I’m not a bigot because I don’t live in America?
If I feel America is the only morally bankrupt country in the world?

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Source: Soulful Muse

If my staff only has one person that’s queer?
If I clutch my purse if a Blackman walks near me?
If I give unwanted advice mostly to people of color?
If I feel attacked when I’m being held accountable for my biases?

If I can’t speak to my friend about everything with no judgement?
If I don’t understand boundaries?
If I believe I can simply pour emotional labor upon others?
If I think my words can’t cause great pain?

If I can’t name any queer publications?
If I dismiss mental health?
If I feel my childhood shouldn’t be subject of criticism?
If I believe any woman that offers criticism is angry?

If I feel everyone should be a parent?
If I believe a woman’s goal is to be married?
If I see women as real fans of my hobbies?
If I have to tell femmes their wrong when I’m wrong?

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Source: Freepik

If I’m transphobic?
If I see the world in only binaries?
If I believe society is only heteronormative?
If I feel there’s no point to understanding gender identity?

If I forsake moral obligations for money?
If I don’t view public figures as people like myself?
If I believe entertainers don’t have emotions?
If I feel the fans are always right?

If I feel I can police what it means to be marginalized?
If I disregard the complexities of being a minority?
If I believe academia is free of biases?
If I see the anger of people of color as a danger?
If I feel people’s suffering as a talking point?

If I’m a gatekeeper?
If I believe I am the standard?
If I feel it’s unfair that I must have diversity hires?
If I see no one is a company fit expect for my college buddy?

If I see art has value when it appeals to the white gaze?
If I feel art isn’t art unless to adheres to heteronormativity?
If I believe I love art but can’t name a Black or Brown artist?
If don’t see art as award winning unless it’s through the efforts of a man?

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Source: MP Consulting

None of this is good but many lie to themselves and say that it is.

So are you brave enough to ask?

Am I one of the good ones?

Are you brave enough to live with your answer?

Are you brave enough to change yourself?

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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