Aretha Franklin — Icon, Singer, and Civil Rights Cornerstone

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Today, we all heard the news that we lost Aretha Franklin. We mourn one of the most influential singers of our time. In remembrance, I want to talk about her achievements that may not be recognized as much as her music. Aretha was a key supporter of the Civil Rights era and feminism.

She not only gave the movement motivational . She also used her career to support the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King and others. While traveling with King, we would see Franklin in the background. Although she wasn’t the person giving speeches, her role was just as important. I certainly doubt civil rights leaders would disagree.

Her music also to the women’s liberation movement happening at the same time. One could say she was something of a muse for two key moments in history.

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My mother told me at an early age something profound about death. Rather than be sad that someone is gone, we should look back on what they did and left behind.

If not for her selfless contributions to the Civil Rights movement, who knows if it would’ve been so successful. I’m sure it could have been very easy for her to not worry about the times. This is a decision we all can relate with, staying in our “lane”. Leaving the work for others. However she didn’t, she took it upon herself to help. She cared so much that Aretha became like the lifeblood for many. This is nothing short of inspirational as I look back.

Yes today, is a sad day as we lost Aretha Franklin. An icon, a queen, a feminist, civil rights keystone, an inspiration, and a selfless human being.

Rest in power queen.

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