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Banning Trump Online: Too Little Too Late

Social media platforms finally decided to take action against Donald Trump and other harmful people. The problem? These actions are as relevant as being fired before your last day on the job.

He is marked as the leading reason for the Capitol Hill attempted coup last week. Let’s remember he often used his platforms to incorrectly say the election was stolen. This then turned in rousing the his supporters. So as a result, he’s effectively been banned from every major social media platform.

Weeks before his presidency is over, it’s been decided his words are dangerous. Once he was banned, further actions were taken such as Amazon booting conservative hangout Parler.

Finally, some real actions right? The problem with all of this however? These actions were at the beginning of 2021. The dangerous nature of Trump online and similar individuals went largely unchecked for years. Even before he was sworn into office.

Were any real actions taken before? Nope. Even when it was reported that online facism, bigotry, and etc was reported yearly? No. Marginalized people whom are often targets have met and spoken with platforms. Were more serious actions taken then? Again no. Let’s remember Facebook has allowed hate groups to be home to it’s platform with little to no issues.

So why did changes happen? Let’s be clear and really examine why. White terrorists (what they are) took action from the lies and delusions from a dangerous person, we unfortunately had to call president. They took their rage and marched into Capitol Hill. Which in turn resulted in the death of 5 people.

Millions of people got to see themselves and what whiteness allows. The police won’t stop you, will join you, and will allow to get in position to harm elected officials. So after the “supposed worst day” in America (I guess if you’re white), enough was enough. Platforms decided to do what they’ve been told for years on end.

Nevermind, the fact that all of this was warned continuously by Indigenous, Black, and other people on the margins for ages. The dangers of whiteness isn’t new and the pose the issue as something people are learning is also insulting. This is what America has been.

We should not in any shape or form congratulate social media/big tech/ we must also hold them accountable too. The damage has been done and the wounds have been inflicted. If these companies were truly dedicated to maintain safety, dangerous people, and hate groups would he allowed to have homes on their platforms. If proper moderation happened, maybe this attempt coup would’ve never happened.

To say thank you or be grateful for these bans would be a slap in the face. He emboldened racists, bigots, and hateful people to take up American traditions.

No, we shouldn’t accept these table scraps of responsibility from these platforms. What we should do is continue making it clear being hateful and dangerous is both a liability issue and a business issue. Now, they may very likely will have a reckoning for being so passive.

Anyway, it’s too little and too late. When we look back at this time and the time it took to make these decisions…let’s remember big tech had a big hand in this too. So, thanks I guess.

I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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