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Credit: Blavity

Career Hunting When You’re Marginalized, Poems

To see my dreams live,
Must I placate to whiteness?
Selling myself out?

Page: Meet or team
One Person of Color huh?
Their “diversity”

My one city block…
Has more diversity than,
They’re capable of

Friend asked me the truth,
Would gates be down were I white?
Absolutely yes.

Friends dreams dashed away
It’s not skill but your luck stat
Years of work? Nothing

No returned emails
And no returned messages
They hire the same

So dim my Blackness?
No, can’t they dim their whiteness?
It’s never fair huh.

An angry Blackman,
This is what I sound like huh?
Good I am angry

You know what’s funny?
“Equal Opportunity…
Employer” Hah lies

So, work twice as hard
For half as much, that they get
Story of millions

Was going to quit
But my inspirations said:
Writing is fighting

I’m really angry
Not for me, for everyone
That gave up on dreams

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