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Cartoon Network’s Craig of The Creek gets Diversity & Inclusion

Hey friends do you watch Cartoon Network’s Craig of the Creek? Well you should.

The following is dedicated to this wonderfully diverse & inclusive animated show.

And why I believe you should watch it.

1st, we start with titular character Craig.

He worries about doing well in school. Hanging out with his family.

He has a big imagination, he loves making maps/traps

He lives for adventure in the local creek with his best friends above all else.

*The show has 3 main characters*

The deuteragonist best friend, Kelsey.

She's a knight, an adventure seeker, dramatic, an only child & Jewish.

Her imagination has her as the star of her own stories. She loves reading & this is shown often in her actions/motivations

She also has a trusty bird, Mortimer.

The last but not least, the tritagonist, JP.

He's the oldest of the trio. He's very caring & loyal.

Through him we see some struggles kids deal with having to be "older".

He stays true to his loveable self & his friends. He reinforces weird (by other people’s "standards") isn’t bad in anyway.

What else makes Craig of The Creek special? The supporting cast.

Let's look at Craig's younger sister, Jessica. This young Black woman is destined to take over wall street.

She’s very responsible (she has her own house keys) & values her daily routine.

Compromise is OK here & there but maintaining your routine is important.

Next we have Craig's mom. She's shown to regularly care for her family.

We see her make sure all the kids are being true to themselves & is attune to their concerns.

Also through her we remember being a parent means taking care of yourself as well. Plus self care is crucial.

Next we have Craig's dad. He's shown to be concerned about the kids as well as bond with them in his own way.

He also tell bad jokes. Like bad, I’m oblivious dad jokes.

Another interesting support character is older brother Bernard.

Has a hightop(✊🏾), he's the oldest no "fun" child of the family.

Through him we see a teen looking ahead to his future. Being a responsible son, a boyfriend, & older sibling.

He’s also a retired trading card game (think Magic The Gathering) pro.

There's so many characters I would be remiss to not mention the cool couple Tabitha & Courtney.

They’re both goth, so the kids mistake them for witches. They love the label & run with it

They try to make sense of their teenage lives & mess with the kids for fun.

So how does Craig of the Creek employ a lot of its diversity & inclusion?

When you pause a scene, you'll recognize folks/kids of various backgrounds/experiences without having to be told.

Like the scenes shown above.

Craig of The Creek's main demographic of course are kids.

So to that end the show does its best to show how being a kid is a constant adventure.

When watching please be sure to pay attention to the little details.

Like how Craig's grandma has a sweater that says fight me.

We learn she’s a city council member & she began protesting for civil rights back in her youth. And she still is fighting (fight me)

This is the ending credits scene of every episode.

How can you not love this?

Jessica is probably telling Dad she’ll be the next big CEO. Mom is enjoying the atmosphere. Bernard is probably texting his girlfriend

& Craig is just eating away having a normal evening with his family.

On a final note, when diversity & inclusion continues to be something many can't find/see, even if given a compass...

It's great to watch a show like Craig of The Creek that gets it. A show that gets it so very well.

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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