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COVID 19 Asks: How Are You Not Radicalized?

Remind me again, what are the praises of US that we are sold ad nauseam since our youth? We’re one of the greatest and richest nations. We’re a democracy where we’re equals, have a great economy, we’re fair and just.

It’s very that like that: you’re worried about rent, worried about getting sick, demanding social change, and a lot of god damn things.

Regardless of your place in society, you’ve probably seen how our so-called values are essentially lies.

How are you not radicalized against what the US has tried to sell us?

How are we the one of the best nations in the world? How is everything just and equal? We’ve seen each of our systems just fail spectacularly. We’ve been left to fend for ourselves during an unforeseen lifetime event.

Socially, racial issues have been made apparent to everyone. We’ve rioted and protested for the injustice that befell Breonna Taylor, Geroge Floyd, Tony McDade and others. Many cities still have protests even though the media has moved on. We’ve made society see what Black people have cried out about for centuries. Now, we are lot more vocal and much less tolerant for racism on any level.

Protests were (are) met by force from the police. They have no qualms physically stopping anyone. I would remind everyone we have numerous videos and photos of them harming people, including white folks. Yes white folks, you too. I don’t know what that does for you emotionally? Maybe you feel a tiny degree of existential concern that we Black folks have faced forever. — or not

What of the death this pandemic has caused? I won’t post numbers because of the harm that may cause. However, we all know it’s been far too much. I can’t imagine how many of us lost people. It is scary to think of how we will grieve for them. We have to move past this first and that so far appears daunting.

Our federal government could’ve been better prepared. They could’ve helped minimize this. We are speaking about everyone’s lives and safety. Why haven’t we seen bipartisan support on this? One would assume our leaders would’ve want to do everything to protect us. Alas, our government (overall)doesn’t give a damn about us. If they really were dedicated to the cause, we wouldn’t have this circus. They would rather have us keep the economy going and risk our lives.

There’s a sad realization that we may never know the real numbers of our losses. Hell, wearing masks has been allowed to become political. Think about about that, an action to keep you alive, is an inconvenience? Why? Do some people intend to not see past 2020?

Economically, millions of Americans lost jobs. Millions of us are in danger of being kicked out of our homes and apartments. As we think about issues regarding budgets and funding, we all could be receiving support monthly until things are safe again. This would minimize contact even further. Instead, it looks heroic for so many to go out in the world and risk their safety to work. Because the economy needs to be healthy versus us. Why? hey capitalism my friend.

In terms of health care, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m Black and I’m a part of one the greatest at risk groups. Black, Brown, and poor communities have been at risk forever, pandemic or not. What makes this all worse is that it reminds me what our lives are worth. When we receive reports that our communities received less in PPP loans, the answer repeats itself. It’s tiring, if it’s not violent racism it’s systemic.

Speaking of people whom are forgotten and in danger, what of prisoners? They are arguably the most in danger during these times. We easily forget about them because we’ve allowed society to make them undesirables. If we had real dedication to just causes, people in prison would receive the same protection. They are deserving of this because like you and I are human beings.

Listen, I can go on and on about all of this. But as COVID is changing the world, is it changing you? How can you not be angry? How can you not be radicalized?

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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