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I Emailed Over 20 Businesses/Companies For Career Advice And Only 3 Replied…Great!

Stop me if you heard this before. You needed career advice and decided to reach out to some companies for some guidance only to get radio silence in return?

Being stumped I decided to reach out to over 20 businesses/companies for career help. After roughly three weeks, I found that among those emails…only three companies bothered to reply back to me in some fashion. Awesome!

If you didn’t know, job ghosting is definitely a thing.

So I wanted to examine and share what this experience means to me and the millions of others that encounter the same.

I’ve been trying to get into a new field and have applied to positions more times than I can count. After losing count of sent resumes, I decided to stop for bit. Unfortunately, job searching can be soul crushing and tiring. I realized I need advice on how I can become an even more viable applicant. Thus those my emails I mentioned.

Disclosure: Currently, I have a full time business position. Good benefits, nice office, and pays me well enough to take care of myself. I use my skills and education on a technical and corporate level. However I’m working towards a career change into my real passions. As you may have determined from my posts that’s; journalism, social awareness, and etc.

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With no answers sent back, I wanted to analyze what was being said and not said here. Because this isn’t unique to myself. This happens to well everyone

On the surface level, maybe my question isn’t worth a response? As frustrating as that fact maybe I have to ask; how can I (or any jobseeker) locate the answers we need? In all fairness, I understand job recruiters and businesses are very busy. Also if you multiply those inquiries by the number of active jobseekers — That’s a lot of emails that need to be answered.

How do we achieve those standards and gain those necessary skills to become the ideal candidate? Isn’t a job recruiter’s/company’s job to help answer the simple question of: what do I need to work for you? I mean how else do roles get filled?

I know I’m making a generalization basing this on a few companies. However, how many times have you applied for work/scheduled for an interview/follow up with no response shortly thereafter? If a response at all?

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On a more analytical level, one has to assume that the job market is an interesting (you might use another word) blend of luck (a lot) and experience at play.

So the first luck, yes luck an intangible. Having the luck to be at the right place at the right time. Or perhaps (not perhaps) knowing the right people? After all, networking and knowing people is very crucial for any career — like an intricate spider’s web.

You maybe be asking me: Luck? Really luck? What does that have to do with the job market?

Glad you asked. How else are we to perceive the careers of others not too different from ourselves with the positions that they have? — I write this in jest…partially

Note: I’m not devaluing the vast amounts and levels of the work involved. I would be remiss to downplay someone’s work.

Now, you may be reading this and insisting that luck really has nothing to do it. True, a matter of chance may have nothing to do with it. But isn’t opportunity synonymous with chance? So by that definition what do you call a job opportunity?

Job searching and job market “traditionalism” isn’t really a thing anymore. It reshapes itself often. These days we have to actively advertise ourselves, maintain our brand, and showcase our talents like clockwork. We have to constantly do this all the while making sure we aren’t taken advantage of. So yes, it does feel like luck if you get an email or phone call.

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The other factor I mentioned was experience. It’s what we all need, need to work on, and can also have too much of?

The value of experience has been drilled into society’s mind, so I wouldn’t waste too much time beating that dead horse.

Experience is both qualitative and quantitative. Like myself you’ve probably had a number of colleagues, mentors, and etc. tell you your work is impressive. Although you’re grateful and humbled by those acolytes, you get reminded you need…close to a decade’s worth of that experience?

side note: If I could use my 6 years of corporate/technical writing unilaterally with my other body of work/talents…I’d probably solve my issues…probably

But there’s another caveat to consider, the particular experience you need. Hmm don’t have it? Ok, let’s intern (free labor? Yay???)! Let’s intern while…needing to take care of ourselves financially. Wait, that’s not really a viable option for many. Did I mention there’s a level of luck involved at this?

I’ll mention this as well because it’s been echoed for all of time. How can I get experience if never given the opportunity? There’s memes and articles about this by the thousands.

Do keep in mind, a lot of these frustrations don’t really apply to all other professions and careers- for example those of the medical field and tech based nature (to a certain degree).

I suppose it would’ve been beneficial to tell our 13 year old selves to just start working on our careers. That way we all could complete college and or be well into adulthood with all the experience we need.

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Oh if you’re wondering if I’m still frustrated, bitter, and or threw in the towel. Ahaha, hardly friends. I’m not done until I get to where I want.

So let me go back to my main point. The fact no one bothered to reply really is a mark of the current job market.

If you need career advice, maybe it’s best to get it in person? This way they remember you’re a human being and not a faceless application/email. At least they have to acknowledge you.

Another thought came to mind: numerous companies/businesses report and look very bad for their severe lack of diversity. Many state publicly they are painfully aware of this.

These days I’m of the belief that the lack of diversity is maybe due to a lack of action/initiatives.

Do you recall many companies/businesses (large or otherwise) signal boosting for more people of color or queer individuals “to please apply?” — As much as I’m on the internet…I’ve hardly if ever seen the above scenario. Please link me if I’m wrong. I’d like to be proven wrong here.

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For all my jobseekers out there, I truly hope this hasn’t deterred in your pursuit of the careers you want/deserve. If anything, I hope this inspires you to keep on going. Prove the odds wrong and make my frustrations wrong for yourself personally. Please prove me wrong

Now, for all the jobs we apply for and reach out to…maybe it wouldn’t hurt to reply back to folks?

I mean what’s the worst that could happen? Your staff gets more queer, brown, black, and in turn so does your audience/clients?

It’s better for your bottom dollar. It’s not like you want to improve your bottom dollar or anything. Oh wait…

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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