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I Suppose My Activism Is Working?

A day ago or so ago someone messaged & told me I’m being Anti -White & “racist towards white folks”. There is literally numerous facts that render that notion entirely false. The following is a series of thoughts on that fallacy & how my small time activism isn’t a threat. Or maybe it is?

I’m mainly speaking to White folks. So share this with them.

Now if you come up to a person of color or any marginalized person & tell them they are being discriminatory to the majority (you)… for holding the majority largely accountable for the system in place, you better be ready to answer to all the facts they can fire off in reply to you. Because nothing is equal for the marginalized.

You may think you can approach someone with respectability regarding conversation about systemic issues… that’s laughable.

How do you attempt to speak about Black people being likely to face police brutality?

Or the fact Black households aren’t worth as much as White homes.

Perhaps we can be respectable regarding the pay disparity that Black people face?

Oh even better, we can speak respectability when Black schools earn less due to being Black?

I was accused of the fact I share very disparaging content against whiteness. My immediate reaction was great, I’m doing the most minor of activism work. Allow me to note, I pick and choose the most minor of things people can handle to share on my social media feeds. It would be irresponsible of me to share all bad things online. I mainly share what helps my followers, whom are mainly marginalized people. So sharing content that isn’t triggering is crucial.

Also, if a white person is going to tell a person that love, respectable, & good vibes is going to win the day for systemic & oppression in our society… Ahaha, at least be something of an activist yourself before I hit you with the “OK thanks for the message”. Or I don’t know hold your own demographic accountable? Speak to your family about their bigotry? etc etc

If I seem like I’m always angry Black man to guess we fail to read what I decide to share on social. But hey the system is built to show that people that say anything appear “angry”. Everything I do is so withdrawn and I hold back A LOT in what I write. I don’t want to seem too angry. This will come to an end one day.

Again, I laugh at that anti white label I was given. I mean damn, at least hit me with that when I get articles and a book or two published how folks need to be more accountable. *that’s coming in the near future promise*

Now do I share posts that poke humor at Whiteness and how it needs to be deconstructed? Absolutely. Do I share a diversity report here or there with some comments? I do this as well.

Lastly, if you’re a white person and you want to ever step to a friend feeling hurt. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re using your privilege for folks that have to work twice as hard for half of what you can obtain. Or keep on thinking you’re one of “the good ones”.

Perhaps this is a sign that my activism is working. Can’t wait to bother more people when I do a lot more.

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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