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It’s 2019! Here’s Phrases From People Whom Don’t deserve Your Attention Might Use

In all honesty I was going to write something more…generally positive and uplifting. But you know it’s a New Year and I want to be more real with folks. Instead, I figure it would be to have a reminder of people we shouldn’t waste our time with — To be more exact phrases they might use that are clear signals they ‘re lowkey trash.

Cheat Sheet:

1. I don’t see color

2. Women are emotional

3. Being queer is a choice

4. I don’t talk about politics

5. I don’t talk to my family about social issues

6. People are too sensitive

7. It’s only a joke

8. There’s only 2 genders

9. Gay people are funny

10. Transgender are lost

11. Why is it always about race

12. I’m a centrist

13. Mental health issues? Are you Sure?

14. Sexworkers? Lol

15. That’s between you and god

16. Not all men

17. Women have it easy

18. What race are you?

19. (insert women of color) are exotic

20. That’s ghetto/ratchet/

21. I don’t think people have mental health issues they’re looking for attention

22. My child could never be gay/queer

23. I only talk about positive things

24. Social justice warriors are…

25. I don’t watch the news

26. Sexwork isn’t work

27. Women have it easy

28. That’s not masculine

29. That’s no feminine

30. Sorry didn’t mean to offend you (instead of saying I was wrong)

That’s all I could think of at the moment. Recognize when these phrases are spoken by people. They very well may not be for your best interests. So instead of wasting time this year, please be sure to be on the look out. Here’s to a new year with a lot less trash folks.

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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