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So, over 70 million of ya’ll saw the god damn mess we live in and thought it, yeah this is cool. Dear white people, there is no saving you (the 57% whom voted for Trump) and those of you whom embrace white proximity. You are a lost cause and truly far gone. So far gone, a poor federal response to a deadly virus that has taken over 200,000 lives will not shake your conservative support.

I write this to make more sense of why you all vote this way and will continue to do so. As well as remind myself that trying to appeal to you is a great act of futility. I’m a voice that’ll tell you about yourself. A voice you probably don’t hear from the more sensible (I guess liberals) members of your demographic.

The power structure of whiteness is one hell of creation. Society allows you to believe the lie that you are all individuals whose actions, motivations, and goals are independent of each other. Truth is, every single one you is an active participant in society that benefits you and oppresses the queer, disabled, neurodivergent, Indigenous, Immigrant, and so on.

Capitalism, careers, home ownership, wealth, etc, these are some of the gears that help maintain the perpetual machine. If your life doesn’t mirror the good old American dream there’s something wrong. Anything that doesn’t match your sensibilities needs to be reined in. Most recent proof? The reactions of the Black Lives Matter protests and riots needing to be “civil”. Sure, the destruction of property (replaceable) is worth more than our Black lives (irreplaceable).

It’s also amazing how we speak of you and your politics. When it comes to whiteness and your motivations the very words “white people” are scarce. When we speak of you, it’s mostly in relation to your societal foothold via economics or wealth. “Well what’s the working class’ vote? What is the temperature check of the middle class?” More words that won’t categorize you all as a larger group. Which is ridiculous, when you’re 70% of the US population.

There’s a pause to generalize and categorize you. Yet, you love doing that to other races, ethnicities, and communities. When the media analyzes conservativism, it does so with a purpose that speaks to “you”, the individual. It doesn’t speak to all of you. I must say it’s a good method to sell you on that it’s you vs us (the brown, less fortunate, etc).

Wait, wait I didn’t forget about you white women. We know 55% of you voted Republican. Compared to 2016’s, 53% I’m not quote sure to articulate your motivations. The following quote will do just fine.

White women seemingly doubled down in their support of Trump, opting to align themselves against science, reproductive rights, diplomacy, and economic solvency in support of the spoils they (we?) reap as secondary benefactors of white privilege. — Kaylen Ralph

Clearly conservatism aligns with the well off and wealthy. So when politics shifts to creating public access this is read as an attack on you. Even though if we did enact more free services and care most of everyone’s lives would improve. Yet, the visage of socialism has been made a boogeyman by whiteness and it’s sensibilities.

We live in a society where not being able to afford health care and having housing are made to be personally failures. This is actually when the system fails it’s citizens. But I ask you white people whom were the creators of this system? Whom actively makes sure it crushes the marginalized as intended?

So, the question is can you save yourselves from the destructive machinations of your place in society?

Again, 71 million of you stared down the gun that is 2020 and didn’t flinch as you choose to again support politics that reinforce the way of life you are accustomed to. Even when that way of life is an active specter that disadvantages, silences, and at worst steals the lives of other human beings. — including your own.

I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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