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PSA: Your Talent Always Has Value

Hey reader, I’m not sure what your current/future endeavors are however, in the pursuit of them have you had moments where you felt devalued? Reminders, conversations, and or messages that said you aren’t/weren’t the best choice? — well, I know I did.

I’ve felt devalued in regards to my writing talent for the last few months. The constant (like sunrise & sunset!) ghosting by jobs, receiving highly vague advice, or hearing “you need to be lucky” (this phrasing is an insult to me) hasn’t helped me get closer to my desired career change — by the way, my corporate America career is doing fine.

As a result, I began to harbor the following thoughts: maybe I have no worth in terms of writing? I don’t have the passion? The personality? Maybe I’m fooling myself and the industry is just destined to look the way it does forever?

I ended my pity party by just writing myself out of it. I mean it’s a hobby of mine, I’d write if I was on vacation…I have a problem (is that a problem?). Anywho, I wrote and then I shared what I assumed was throw away work in chat groups. I’ve re-read past articles I’ve written over the years — which I recommend to any writer in the slumps.

You know what I reminded myself of? I don’t lack writing talent, nuance, or personality — Yes, at this point I’m bragging here.

In fact on Monday, me doing what I do only, I got an idea. The idea was to create a Twitter thread to discuss Black hair styles seen in a random scene from the Japanese anime Run With The Wind, via episode 7.

And a surprising thing happened, it’s gone viral or semi viral I think? Anyway, that thread is just a reminder to me of what I do. I examined media and the beauty of representation. Plus, I gave people the low down on haircuts/hairstyles Black folks make look good at this very second.

I’m slowly going through replies but the overall sentiment is that people are appreciating this, which does make me happy. Now, keep in mind there’s plenty of folks carving out their niche with the skills they’ve mastered. Which is great but again, tell me who wrote an analytical discussion about fades and high tops like this?

Returning back to the subject at hand. Yes, feeling devalued…sucks. This is something that happens to many and happens in an infinite number of ways to them. Again not a good feeling

So what I want to say: If for whatever reason you doubt yourself or your ability, remind yourself you can do it. Take a step back, reflect on your career(s), your output, and pat yourself on the back. Then take that energy and keep showing the world the value you bring.

The funny thing with talent? Everyone isn’t talented the same, and we all have value in what we do.

Now, I may ultimately fail and never do exactly what I’m passionate about simply because I’m not “lucky enough” (again this is an insult to hear) to break through the gatekeeping. To be honest? That’s fine. Why?

I’ll just be over here making content and writing what no one else does, beating others at their own game.

Know your worth and never forget it dear reader.

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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