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Reminder: Enjoy Your Time Alone

Random question. When was the last time you had time to yourself? No work, no school, no family, no relationship, just you.

I sincerely hope not too long ago. I’ll also understand if it’s been a very long time for you.

The reason that I’m asking is because of the great impact of self-care.

It’s often very easy to get lost by the grind of the world isn’t? Get up, go to work/school, be mindful of your family, friends, and get through the day. Then the proverbial cycle keeps on going.

Now, in no way am I saying the grind, our respective grinds are bad. I just wanted to provide a reminder, a cautionary tale if you will to remember to place yourself first — if and when you can.

Throughout this year, I became obsessed with my grind.

My work includes staying proficient with my full-time job while working as a writer/content creator on the side. These two things aren’t necessarily the same for me. I’m trying to eventually become an editor and full-time writer to for my livelihood. At times, I get frustrated with with my results.

I often found myself not going to sleep fulfilled for the most part of the year. To combat this, I would operate on often 6, 5 hours if sleep for days/months. My hours would be split in between workouts, reading, brainstorming, and networking for new articles/content.

The problem developed in a big when by November. I managed to accumulate 3 weeks of vacation time. This isn’t bad right? Well it is when I barely took any time off this year. I was beside myself, how did I manage to do that? I was letting myself get distracted by what I wanted to do, not by what I needed to do.

So I took it upon myself to take an entire week off before the holiday season starts up.

What did I do during that time? Where did I go? What fantastical things did I see? I did absolutely nothing.

I separated myself from the elements I’m inundated with daily. My family, work, commutes, you name it. I didn’t want to go anywhere extravagant, I just wanted to be left alone.

If anyone tells you that you need to travel half way across the world to enjoy yourself; they’re liars.

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My favorite part of the week is the photo you see above you. I drove down to Little Haiti…opps the Design District (thanks gentrification!) to visit one of my favorite Italian favorite pizzerias.

It was nearly 5 PM, it was a Thursday. Harry’s had eight people present myself included. The ember scent of the brick oven pizza was comforting. At the bar, I could hear the chatter of people that called Miami home as well. It was a mix of business endeavors, socialite life, and general wellness. Things I hear nearly everyday and don’t really register.

But at this time, along with my four cheese and spinach thin pizza it was OK.

I put on my headphones and soaked in the atmosphere. I listened to Jazz and watched afternoon traffic. I think I was on discord, Twitter, Facebook occasionally. Mainly, I was just thinking about revisiting projects and needing to connect more with my Haitian community.

But enough about me, have you taken time off for yourself today?

Your self-care demands it.

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