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Simply Put, Let’s Loudly Denounce Anti-Asian Racism

It’s highly unfortunate, but the events of the Atlanta massacre shouldn’t have happened. Solidarity to the Asian community within the US and a far. Alas, we live in a society that isn’t just.

It’s simple: We must denounce anti-Asian racism loudly. Because what happened in Georgia shouldn’t have happened. People are in pain because of senseless violence & loss of life. Discrimination against any marginalized community isn’t welcomed. People need reassurance now and more than ever.

Again, we must be frank & very direct when speaking about hate crimes. We are well past speaking around the racists societal constructs that harms communities. We know what allowed and empowered this racial and gendered act of violence — White supremacy.

We must pay attention to how the media portrays the suspect/accused for his actions. We have to take note of this repeated reporting style men(white) like him have always been afforded. We should not be seeking sympathy for him, We must demand that the media does better.

We must demand that the mass media in the US reporter about about the personhood and lives of the people whom will be missed.

Anti-Asian sentiment alas has been apart of the fabric of the United States for centuries. The system of white supremacy again is a threat to all marginalized communities. This system is the same that doesn’t teach us the great history of injustice that the Asian diaspora has endured. Learning is just one action of many to be able to better support our fellow human beings.

I’m not Asian but I would like to say the following: I am member of a community that is also a regular victim of racism in this system. I can sympathize with the pain, I can sympathize with feeling hollow and perpetually angry with everything. We see you, hear you and understand what we all must do.

I say to anyone that identifies as Asian: we got your back and you deserve to live a peace life.


I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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