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Source: Wall Street Journal

We Are A Month Into The Government Shutdown

As of today, it has been a month that our government has been shutdown. This shutdown was sparked by an agenda by President Trump. Make no mistake, this shutdown is retaliation from Trump for not getting border funding.

What I’m here to do is highlight some facts, show some things to consider, and examine what this is.

This shutdown as affected 800,000 federal workers across multiple businesses.

Does this solely affect 800,000 now furloughed workers? Let us, assume some maybe a primary caregiver or primary/only income earner of their families. So, the number of those affected isn’t just 800,000 (which is an alarming number), we’re looking at the livelihood of possibly a million disrupted?

Yes, they will be paid for the periods in which they weren’t working. The problem is we don’t know when this will end. Would you be fine if you didn’t have income for a month if not longer?

There’s an easy(and disingenuous) statement that some people have made about this: “Well, people shouldn’t live paycheck to paycheck”

As of 2018, nearly 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. The reasons are many and just as complicated. So, yes this includes furloughed federal workers as well.

Although unpaid, certain jobs require that workers have to work. These aforementioned jobs by law can’t go on strike. Could you imagine being told to work for a month and more without being compensated? These are breeding grounds for low morale and high stress.

What federal programs and services are disrupted by the shutdown? Some include; the departments of Agriculture, Justice, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development.

Did you know that it costs money to keep the government shutdown?

As of now, it’s estimated that the keeping the government shutdown has cost the American economy 5.7 Billion. Yes, that’s the same amount that Trump originally proposed for his unnecessary border funding.

Why did the shutdown happen? After his proposal was rejected by Democrats, the shutdown was/is a forced attempt to make Democrats eventually agree. However, thus far Democrats have rejected all of his proposals.

Agreement to his border funding is an admission that immigrants are criminals and a danger to America. There has been no study/report/or data that has proven there is a correlation to immigrants and crime within America.

The shutdown is proof of the following:

Trump’s decision proves to us that the lives of 800,000 people are mere trivialities to him. They are little more than bargaining chips to a poker game. Also, whether or not you are a liberal or conservative, it doesn’t matter to him. All federal workers have been penalized by his misguided use of presidential power. The actions of a logic leader…

The shutdown is another reminder that we simply can’t just ignore politics.

What’s unfortunate is that many are experiencing that politics can and does affect your daily life. Like most activities of this presidency, we learn again that politics that come at our expense (or that of others) isn’t how politics should function.

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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