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What About Your Wellness?

With the month of January almost done, are you practicing your wellness?

I recently had a lengthy conversation with someone and I noticed that I didn’t speak about how I’m taking care of myself. So, let’s take the time to remember wellness before the year moves on.

So, have you been sleeping well, barring if you have any issues? Have you been able to eat? Eat well? Or at least eat what brings you comfort?

Aside from your career goals and aspirations have you been able to note your personal goals? Are you working on being a better person? Have you been giving yourself grace? Are you allowing yourself to make mistakes? Are you allowing yourself time to learn?

Do people know what your boundaries are? Do you know what your boundaries are? Have you asked yourself? Maybe you should? It’s your peace after all.

Are you letting people know you aren’t an emotional punching bag? Are you seeking therapy? Are you letting people know you aren’t their therapist?

Yes these are a random stream of questions have no real structure. The point being is that are you taking a step back for your self care? Let’s be honest this is highly difficult during these times of a pandemic and an uncertain future. We have very logical reasons as to why we might not take care of ourselves.

I’m here to remind you: if your health is being sacrificed no reward is worth it. No job, career, no person, no relationship. These things may go but at least you’d have your health and be able to do what you’d want/can in life. Life is far too difficult and unfair as t is, being is reasonable/functional health would be one less obstacle for you.

Have you taken time off from work? If not why? No really ask yourself. When was the last time you looked at your week and said to hell with it all? I just want to stay in bed all week? I think you deserve, we all deserve.

Life is during this pandemic can really skew our thought process and understanding. Especially our whole relationship with work and “moving on with life”. We are placing far too much emphasis on working hard and toughing things out. These times during the pandemic should be times of reflection and care. I hope you are well and staying well. Or at the very least heading to that direction.

The year will be a long one, are you taking the steps and practices to take care of yourself? If don’t whom will?

I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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