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Yes America
Here where we hate the Other
This hate? “politics”.

Not America?
This systemic oppression?
Its the DNA.

This America.
You’ll tell someone “we’re equal”.
But pay equity?

But America
If we’re not pale with straight hair
were not your “standard”.

How America
Best nation in the world? Yet…
Highly violent.

You America
The real threat? White men and guns.
But thoughts and prayers.

Say America
We see homes, know what happens?

No America
You’re not just. One police stop?
My skin? I could die.

That America
Where your Whiteness means comfort.
My Blackness your fear.

Oh America
You think your silence helps us?
Ha, you damn us all.

Hey America
So you sing equality?
But there’s redlining.

See America
Our careers and our earnings?
Determines our worth?

Ah America
When do I claim you? Ah yes,
When I’m not your threat.

True America
The rich fight these new taxes.
But let’s shame the poor!

Hear America
Oh Whiteness let’s you believe;
“I’m a good person”.

Breathe America
We protest, that’s a problem
We’re “trouble makers”.

Pray America
Business? Our Religion. Yet;
We’re quite the heathens.

Dear America
You steal like sun rise, sun down.
But its all “progress”.

Bless America
You quote the bible, yet you’re…
morally bankrupt.

Look America
there’s data, stories, cases…
Still patriarchy.

Good America?
Our queer brothers and sisters;
Aren’t anomalies.

Feel America
The more your intersections…
The harder your life.

Cry America
Civilized? We commit crimes,
Over pure hatred.

Swim America
Our life’s meaning has value,
just for capital.

Work America
This marginalized self hate
We destroy ourselves.

Bleed America
You’ll steal identities but
thief claims copyright.

Shame America
Reject broken traditions?
You’re now a problem.

Fly America
We hold you accountable
“Tradition” is dead.

Laugh America
Yep, have to work twice as hard…
to get half as much.

Live America
White folks stared at me again
Not welcomed, got it.

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