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What The Hell Is Success Away?

As I sit here working on things I look around social media/news & I see success. Folks are getting places and into spaces they wanted to for ages. It’s motivating but then I ask myself how do we define success?

What is success?

As I see it, it’s literally whatever you make it. It could be either of the following: A film maker hitting it big at 40, a 24 yr old getting signed to a music label, being financially self sufficient, etc etc. There’s no measurement of success or a set in stone rubric. But society sure as hell loves to reinforce the hell out of success’ misconceptions.

When it comes to those achievements, there’s work clearly that must be done. Thus we ask ourselves the following: How much work do I have to do? How much networking? Do I have to tolerate people who don’t care about me for the sake of my career goals? Our individual goal posts for achievements yield infinite questions and answers. Unfortunately, these tend to weight a lot on your shoulders depending on the person.

It’s weird right? I know I’m ranting but success can be literally anything. Success is also getting through the day but that’s not really expressed — It should be

So why can’t we agree on the basic fundamentals of what is success?

Why is the perception of success so screwed up? Honestly, I think one reason is the model of school. Go to school, get a degree, and then a job. The other issue is that society marks that you’re “making it” based on your income. Hey everyone has to be a millionaire, otherwise we’re failures! The lack of recognizing happiness as a goal doesn’t help either. This has skewed a lot of people on what success is. This is why so many people will clash over the very subject.

The paths to “success” are infinite and proven by many to be just as unconventional.

If you were to ask me am I successful? Ehh? My current career in business is fine. It came from necessity & it allows me to pay bills in Miami. Anyway, it’s not exactly my purpose in life. But I consider myself somewhat successful sure. But I’m working towards my goals and aspirations as much as I can.

So, what’s the whole point of this conversation? Well, do you see yourself as a success?

If you don’t feel successful, I think you’re underestimating yourself. And honestly there’s a level of fuck all that stuff they’re (people that think they have answers) trying to sell us involved with achievement. Whatever your dream, purpose, and focus remember that’s your road of success. And hell yeah you should celebrate any and all successes you get along life.

PS — publishing this article was a success. Look at that!

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I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.

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